09 August 2014

Life through my iPhone #5

Happy Saturday!!

Today is another 'Life through my iPhone'. These are my favorite type of posts to read and do. I hope you all enjoy<3

Smoothie bowls all day, everyday! (let me know if you want a recipe!)
Iced coffee is so much better with a cute deer cup ;)
It was recently National Dance day here in the states so I posted this in honor. This was taken as part of my senior pictures last summer. :)
I've been wearing a bunch of outfits very similar to this lately. So breezy and comfortable!
If you watched my July Favorites you would know I've recently got into pen-paling/happy mail/snail-mailing. This was my first incoming! I have no idea why its so blurry though :/
Coffee and Lipstick...the essentials ;)
planning blogposts!
I love Florida summer skys! Especially after a good thunderstorm ;)
laptop club<3
More incoming!! This one is too cute! sorry its a bit blurry!
again another smoothie bowl! These give me life!

Yesterday I felt particularly artsy so I drew some doodles and added a bit of water coloring. I would love to be able to open my own etsy shop and design all sorts of pretty clip art, stationary, and printables...maybe in the near future ;)

And that's about all I've been up to within the last month :)

I'm so happy at the moment, even when everything is not perfect and things get tough I know at the end of the day WHO is in control and that is more than enough reason for me to be happy! 



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