01 August 2014

Happy Weekend!+Feeling Minty

Happy Friday!!

I love the very beginning of a weekend. it always feels so refreshing to me! All though I don't do much on the weekends other than hang out with my family I always find myself making up all these really cool scenarios in my head ;) I also usually complete some kind of project over the weekend whether it be a video, diy, recipe, or just moving stuff around in my room. I always like having stuff to do and never  let myself get bored :)

Let me know what your plans are for this weekend!


1. Maybeline Baby Skin
2. EOS Mint lip balm
3. Deer Ornament from Target
4. Lorac Mint Collection Palette
5. EOS Acai lip balm
6. Benefit Porefessional sample
7. Daisy Dream sample
8. Deer Journal from Micheal's



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