27 July 2014

My Bedside Table+Essentials

Hey everyone!

Sorry again that I haven't been posting too much this week. Hopefully I can make up for it ;)
Today I wanted to show you all my bedside table. I just redecorated it a bit. I'm also gonna show some of my bed side beauty essentials ;)

My Bedside Beauty Essentials: Bath and Body Works Sleep Night Time Tea body lotion-This stuff smells soo nice! I know it's all in my head but I like to think this makes me sleep better ;) EOS Acai lip balm-I cannot sleep without lip balm on! This is my very favorite EOS next to the mint one. LUSH Santa's Lip Scrub-Loveee this stuff!! I love to put this on after I brush my teeth! It feels soo fresh and clean and makes my lips super soft! Ulta mint lip balm-I got this in my Christmas stocking this year. I thought it would be kinda cheap(y) but I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it is! It's my go to chapstick right now ;) (i also keep Vic's vapo rub near by too as I have horrible allergies and sometimes cannot sleep without it!) 

and those are all my bedside beauty essentials! Let me know some of your bedside essentials below!



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