27 April 2014

Life through my iPhone #2

Hello everyone!

Today I have my second life through my iPhone where I show you what I've been up to in the last week :) I missed a couple weeks but I don't think I want to do them every week anyway because all my weeks are a lot alike  :)
I've started Crossfit recently and have class 3 days a week at 9:30 in the morning so for a pre workout snack I've been having Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast. It's soo good! 
I picked this mascara up two weeks ago and I'm in love! I posted a review of it ;)
On Tuesday I got my hair cut, layered, and my bangs trimmed! I love my hair stylist! She always does an amazing job!
We went to whole foods this week and I finally picked up cacao powder! I loveeee cacao nibs and wanted to start putting the powder In my morning smoothies and let me tell you it's delicious!
Since being sore all the time due to crossfit I treated myself to a LUSH bath this week a long with a face mask. This lush bomb i got for Christmas :O it still worked fine although I probably should have used it months ago! I used this paper rose mask I got from Walmart and it was soo nice! It totally refreshed my face and made it really soft :)

And that's pretty much what my week consisted of! Today I'm editing a video and tonight is Game of Thrones night so I'm  going to my brother and sister in laws house! It's always one of the highlights of my week <3

Hope you all had a nice week!


Belen C. said...

cute photos! we have the same plastic thingy and comforter from ikea ;)

xx, Be || lovefrombe

Abby Joy said...

Thanks! ikea is pretty much the best ;)

Loreal Elder said...

Everything's so girly and dainty. I'm in heaven!

Abby Joy said...

hehe thanks ;)

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