08 April 2014

#1 skin care product (sensitive skin)

Hello everyone!

Today has been rainy all day, which has actually been really nice! I'm so excited though because tonight I'm going to my first Cross Fit class!! Pray for me!! Haha. 

But anyway onto the post!

Capri Clear moisturizing spray $10.00

I don't know about you but my skin is sooo sensitive! Like all the time. If I can avoid wearing make up 80% of the time I do! I have had eczema all my life on top of it. So if you're like me and have annoying skin I thought I'd share my favorite skin care product (possibly of all time). It's the Capri Clear moisturizing spray. This product is all natural, no parabens, fragrances, etc. it's made from 100% coconut oil. All I do is spray one spray into my hand rub it around and then evenly distribute it all over my face/neck. A little goes a very long way! I love the way this makes my skin feel! It instantly refreshes and nourishes it making it feel super soft and fresh looking! If you have oily skin I recommend not putting it on before you go out cause it tends to take a while to fully skin into the skin (which I like). Overall since using this product my skin has given me hardly any trouble at all and my eczema is completely clear (even on my neck)! I totally recommend this and defiantly will be repurchasing! :)

Thanks for reading and if you have anymore questions about this product or anything else email me at glitzydancer7@gmail.com or tweet  me @glitzydancer7 



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