21 October 2013

Disney Trip!

So this past weekend my parents, one of my brothers and I went to Disney world! It was such a blast! It was also nice to get away for a bit and forget reality;) 

Here are some pics from our trip! :)
Disney has the best little details :)
We stayed at Pop Century, one of Disneys resorts. It goes through the decades and we stayed in the 50's!! :)
This picture of Lady was in out part of the hotel.
Friday night we went to downtown Disney and ate at T-Rex for dinner. I've been here a bunch of times and it's always fun!

I always get they're "discovery blast" drink. It comes in this awesome bone!
This was my dinner. I ordered off the kids menu cause I can never finish a full meal. I love the dinosaur nuggets:)
Ghiradelli is a must! I love they're sea salt caramel hot chocolate!
I also got this chocolate covered fruit kabob from a candy store. It had grapes, pineapple,and strawberry. I ate half of it one night and the rest the other. It was delish;) 
I love this adorable Mickey pumpkin blow up they had:)
Saturday morning started with coffee! Disney actually has amazing coffee!!
We got at the Magic Kingdom really early. We had to wait like an hour before we could get in :o
Disney has the best fall decorations :)
The castle was beautiful as always!
We had breakfast at the Glass Castle. It was a character breakfast with Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eyore:)
Buzz light year ride! My score is on the left and my brothers is on the right. He beat me:(
Main street all lit up:)
I love Disney balloons!
The old classic electrical parade:)
The new firework show is amazing! They project all sorts of really cool things on the castle and it's super neat and magical! ;)
Sorry these pics are a little blurry:/
This one is my fav!
This is a collage I posted on my personal Instagram:) 
Sunday we went around all the Disney resorts and rode all they're transportation (monorails, boats, buses) above is a picture of the "contemporary" resort:)
Fort Wilderness petting zoo!:)
I love this guy! He's sooo cute:)
Disney's horses are sooo gorgeous! 
Fort Wilderness Lodge
This is by far my favorite Disney resort:)
This was the pic I took before we headed off back home. I love this little tribal bunny! It's the cutest!! I might set it as my phone background ;) this was on the wall in the "contemporary".
And of course last but not least I had to pics of the famous Mickey ears on the way home:)
And that concludes our very short BUT very fun Trip to Disney! I hope you all enjoyed these pics and had a great weekend as well:)

I will be posting some beauty reviews this week as well as a little haul on what I got from Disney:)

Hope you all have a great week!


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