05 June 2016

Incoming Mail | May 2016

Sorry about the shortage of posts around here. Last week ended up being a lot busier than I anticipated and this week is only going to get busier, so hopefully you all can bear with me whilst I try to get back on a regular schedule next week.

Tomorrow is actually my mom's birthday and then my birthday (21st) is on Wednesday! We're also going to Disney World this weekend to celebrate both of or birthdays and also my brother's graduation from nursing school. I'm so excited! Disney is my very favorite place to be! I'm so ready to act like a bunch of kids again with my brothers. I know it will be the best, it always is.

Anyway, onto the actual post! I'm really behind on sharing all of my incoming mail so I'm just going to pick up where I left off. Some of these pieces arrived in April but I think a majority of them are from May.

A fun summer flipbook from Esmee'. 
 A really cool and intricate piece from Laura. So in love  with all the details of this one!
A really neat letter all the way from Russia! Look at those stamps!
 A gorgeous letter from Jordan. Her mail is always so beautiful!
 Really cute flipbook from Canada. 
 Another fun letter from my friend Chloe'.

As you can see, my mailbox has been quite happy recently! I am so very thankful for all my penpals. They really are such a special part of my life. So thankful that we live in a world where we can connect with people from all around the globe. 

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