27 May 2016

Room Refresh + Quick Decor Tips

It's no secret that I love to refresh and re-jig my room on a regular basis. I get stir crazy pretty easily so I like to switch things up and change my surroundings pretty often. It doesn't take a lot of money or work to make a simple change, but it has quite an effect on my mood and creativity. 

I bought some pretty prints from Home Goods this week. They were really affordable ($6 for 8 prints). I also rearranged my books on my headboard. I love the cozy feeling of a full book shelf, but seeing as I don't actually have a book shelf I decided to make do with my headboard. I recently rearranged my desk/work space as well. I can't seem to ever be quite content with it. It's so hard to keep it clean and minimal with the amount of work I do in it on a weekly basis. 

I really love how my room feels at the moment. It's the perfect space for me to create, relax, and get inspired. 

Below I have some quick and easy tips of you're feeling like sprucing up your space a bit! They're all really affordable and don't take too much time to complete. 

  • Printable Artwork. I love looking through sites like Etsy for cheap, printable artwork. They have a huge selection so I'm sure there's something for everyone. It's such an easy and affordable way to create a gallery wall.
  • Your own Artwork. Similar to the above point. I have a couple of my own pieces on my gallery wall. It adds a really personal touch, and it's quite nice to see how your own work stands up against something you've bought in a store. If you're not happy with your own drawings ask a talented friend or family member to contribute something. This could also be done your own photography as well.
  • Look in Kitchen Ware. I have a thing for just generally falling in love with everything in the kitchen section. I can't tell you how excited I am to have my own kitchen one day! For now I am collecting mugs, china, and any other cute kitchen bits and using them in my own room. Mugs are great for pens and markers. Pretty plates are perfect for rings, loose change, and keys. I love using wire baskets that are usually used for storing utensils and instead using them to store hair products and perfumes. Get creative with it! There really are some beautiful pieces in the kitchen section!
  • Change your duvet. One the easiest changes that makes a huge impact. Whenever I really feel like a change I always change my duvet first. Sometimes that's all it needs. I'm currently loving my more simple duvet. It's white with gray speckles on it. It goes with everything really nicely, and I know it will last me years. 
  • Change your pillow cases. Something I recently did was simplify my pillow cases. Before I had too many patterns and it was just too distracting. I kept one cute pillow case and switched out the rest for a more simple design. It helps that one cute(r) pillow to really stand out! 

I hope this post was helpful to some of you!
Let me know what your favorite quick & simple changes are to refresh your own space. 

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