06 May 2016

The Weekend Guide #16

Coming at you with another Weekend Guide where I collect a few links and things that caught my fancy this week as well as a little life update. I do really enjoy writing these posts, but sometimes I feel they just get too repetitive. Maybe I'm outgrowing this style of post? I dunno. I've been really inspired to blog lately so I feel like I want to do less "filler" posts and create more content with purpose if ya know whatta mean. It's all a learning process. I'll never be comfortable in this blogging world and that makes me enjoy it even more! :)

Today (Friday) my brother is actually graduating nursing school! I'm really proud of him. I know how hard he works and it's so inspiring to see him chase his dream. This weekend will be full of celebrations. I think we're having a bbq either tomorrow or Sunday to celebrate my brother's graduation and Mother's Day. I guess summer is well and truly here now. 

Also an update on my back. I think it's better actually! It hasn't been causing me any problems, and I was able to do some heavy lifting this week! Hopefully it was just a one time freak thing (with very horrible timing). I'm excited to be fully recovered and be able to get back in the gym at 100%! 

1. The best place to be.
2. The current book I'm reading. It's pretty good, but so far I prefer "The Fortune Hunter" by the same writer to this one.

Good Reads:

Watch This:

Some Tunes:
(I've actually been listening to classical music all week so these are kinda a lie but also kind not?)

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