13 May 2016

Life Recently | Growing & Yearning

Thought I'd do a little life update. I do enjoy catching up with you all like this. I need to remember that my blog isn't only a hobby but a diary as well. It's so interesting to look back on old posts and see how much I've changed (and boy have I changed a lot since I've started this little blog.).

Anyway, life has been pretty sweet lately. It has its faults, sure, but I am learning to lean on God's steadfast love through everything. I actually am doing an incredible devotional at the moment. It's "Psalms of Gratitude" and you can read it too on the She Reads Truth app (currently a favorite of mine). Anyway, this devotional is just what I needed. It has reminded me that through times of trial and pain God still remains the same, and His love will never desert me. I can wake up with a new hope each day, knowing his loving arms will carry me through everything and I need not to worry about anything. 

I have also been filling all of my free time with reading recently. I think I'm close to over 20 books this year so far. Maybe it's a lot to you, maybe not. But I have found my time spent reading has brought so much more joy and inspiration over scrolling through social media or watching anything on youtube. Hopefully all this reading will also help with my very poor writing skills ;). Anyway, I just recently read "The Catcher in The Rye" and I am kicking myself for not reading it sooner! I just fell in love with the writing. It really hasn't aged at all and it is so relatable. If you by any chance haven't read it either then I encourage you to do so! It really struck a cord with me. It really did (lol at my attempt to write like J. D. Salinger). 

I've also been job hunting. I've finally gotten over my fear of working in the real world again and I'm actually excited to get back to working! I'm only looking for part time at the moment just so I can make sure I still have enough time and room to run my shop. I can't tell you how many times I've been rejected already, but I haven't let the fear of rejection keep me from trying. I know God has a plan, and I'm just waiting for Him to provide the right job for me.

As I'm writing this I'm actually watching the CrossFit South West Regional live. It's funny because I'm listening to all this "they have a one rep lead, oh no crossfit Louisiana came out of no where. THAT BAR IS SLIPPING OUT OF HIS HAND!! THE LANES ARE OPEN. WOW!" as I'm trying to write a simple blogpost about how I feel so relaxed and comfortable with life at the moment. lol. 

The point of this post is just to spill out all the things on my mind. 

I'm growing. In every way I am trying to grow. Intellectually, emotionally, spiritually. Growing my vocabulary, my maturity, my knowledge of everything that interests me. But also I am yearning. Yearning for a simpler way of life, for less stuff and more meaning, for more ways to be of service, and for more reasons to try and be my best self.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend, and it you've made it this far, God bless you and thank you for reading. xx

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