05 May 2016

How I Stay Creative

Everyone has the ability to be creative. Some make use of it more than others, but still, everyone has that ability. 

For what I do on a daily basis I need to be creative all the time, and although I love what I do and wouldn't trade it for anything I'd be lying if I told you that staying creative is easy and I never run out of new ideas. I've learnt time and time again that creativity cannot be forced. It has to blossom from passion and hard work combined. Today I thought I'd share a few tips on how I stay creative without pushing myself to a burn out. Hopefully these tips will help and inspire you to try to use your creativity in a smarter way. 

-Don't Push Yourself.
My first piece of advice would be to not put too much pressure on yourself. Go at your own pace and develop your style slowly in a very authentic (I know that word is over-used atm) way. Don't be upset if it takes you a while to be comfortable with your own ability. I'm not even comfortable with mine at the moment, but I know that's only because I need to get out of my own comfort zone. Be easy on yourself, don't rush, and try not to push yourself to a burn out. It's not easy to recover from, trust me.

-Stay in Your Own Lane.
It's so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Seeing all their accomplishments and hard work pay off can be intimidating at first. Try to look at it from a different view. Take it as inspiration to work harder. Everyone starts somewhere. They didn't get there overnight and neither will you. Celebrate their success with them rather than pity yourself for not having the same success. If you have enough passion, and work smart enough you will get there too!

-Seek Advice.
Either from your peers, family, colleagues, or the internet. Get multiple opinions from people you trust wholeheartedly. I always go to mom to see what she thinks of my work. She's honest and will always help me to come up with new ideas. Also seek advice through learning on the internet. I love Fran's YouTube channel. She always gives the best advice, and I always learn something new from each video of hers. 

From everything. It's far too easy to lose yourself these days. You think you come up with an original idea only to remember you saw it on Instagram a couple weeks back. I know originality is practically dead (every idea has been thought of, we just regurgitate them with our own twists). I try to not look at too much of other people's work. I used to, but then I became confused and had lost my own style. It's so hard to create from your own perspective. Every once in a while I just put everything on hold. I stop scrolling through whatever social media I am on, pick up a book, and get lost within my own thoughts for a few hours. It helps me keep myself from molding into what everyone else is doing. 

Following up from the last point. It's also important to know when enough is enough. Unplug from everything creative. Watch some tv, go for a run, call a friend. Distract yourself from what's causing you a creative block. I find if I leave my work from time to time I come back much stronger, and am able to focus on what it is I'm wanting to create. 

-Keep Track of New Trends and Techniques.
Although it's important to stay true to yourself and create what makes you happy, it also helps a lot if just keep an eye on new trends. You may not fancy any of them, but if something comes up that you think you can add something of value to then run with it. You'll learn that you can follow the trends without losing yourself in the midst of an ever changing world. Some examples for me are: pineapples, florals, rose gold, monochrome. These are all current trends that I actually like (and have liked for a while) that I'm able to create with without letting go of my own style and authenticity. 

-Only Create When You Feel Like It.
This is the most important point for me. I cannot creatively push myself if I am not in the mood. Sometimes it's a pain. Some weeks I'm just not feeling it. I try my best to take it easy and distract myself. Other weeks I feel I'm too creative. I have too many ideas and not enough time. During these times I write down everything I think of. It helps when I'm not feeling as motivated to see that it will only be so long before I'm jumping off the walls again with creativity. Don't bottle up your creativity. Use it all! You don't how long it will last before it fizzles out again. 

And there you have it. My very long (and rambly) advice on how I stay creative. I hope some of this makes sense to you all. I know I'm not the best at getting my thoughts across, but I wanted to share my process regardless in hopes that it may relate to some of you. Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

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