29 April 2016

Ways To Spend Your Weekend

Switching things up from my usual Weekend Guide, I thought I'd share some ideas and ways you could spend this approaching weekend. 

I don't have any plans this weekend, which is just the way I like it. It either ends up being a really productive weekend where I get ahead with work and projects, or a total lazy weekend full of Netflix and bubble baths.  Choose wisely my friends ;).

Get Ahead of the Game:

-Catch up on all the boring life admin stuff. Laundry, bills, receipts, general cleaning, etc. This takes a load of work off your shoulders throughout the week and makes for more time to relax on the weeknights. 
-Grocery shop/meal plan. Write yourself a list and take a trip to the grocery store. Prepare all your lunches and dinners on Sunday so you don't have worry about what you'll be eating all week. It also helps with the temptation to eat out if you have a problem with that. 
-Declutter. Ah one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend. Pick a area in your house (closet/cabinets/bathroom/etc) and focus on clearing out all the unnecessary products/clothes you no longer love. Make piles to keep, donate, sell and throw away. At the end of the day take inventory of what you need and don't need. Make a list and take yourself shopping on Sunday to treat yourself to some items that will have a better purpose for your wardrobe/lifestyle. 
-Plan your outfits for the week. If you have trouble getting ready in the morning due to not having anything to wear, try to plan your outfits ahead of time to alleviate this problem. Go on Pinterest for outfit inspiration and then get to work to find some of your favorite combinations. Take pictures to remember which outfits you love and which didn't work out for you.

Let Go a Little:

-Turn out the lights. Seriously. Turn out the lights, turn on some music, and just get lost with your own thoughts for a while. I don't meditate, but this is pretty much the same thing for me. Music is honestly the best therapy I could ever recommend. Whether I'm happy or sad music always makes everything better for me.
-Draw a bath. Gather all your favorite products, candles, and of course don't forget the music. If you're brave you could also read in the bath (I've always been too paranoid, I love my books too much!). Treat your skin and hair to a mask. Paint your nails. Whatever is it that will make you feel relaxed and pampered. There's nothing a good Lush bath won't cure ;).
-Go out with friends. For me it is my sibling as they are my best friends. We always hangout on Saturday nights. Whether we're playing board games, watching a movie, or just talking nonsense (90% of the time) it is always my favorite time of the week. It keeps me grounded and reminds me what's really important. I lose sight of all my worries and am reminded of blessed I really am.
-Read a book. The weekend is a time for me to get a lot of my reading done. I find I would rather read a book a weekend than watch a marathon of anything (which is why I still haven't finished House of Cards, I feel like it's taking me years!). But if you would rather spend the time on Netlfix than I am not one to judge. Whatever it is that will help you relax and unwind. My Netflix recommendations are Arrested Development, Parks and Rec, The Office, Sherlock, House of Cards, and Parenthood.

And those are all the ideal ways I could recommend to spend a weekend at home. None of them cost any money, but they have a pretty big impact on my mood. I hope this inspires some of you! Let me know how you choose to spend your weekends! This is a very important topic to me, haha ;). 

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