20 May 2016

Casual Friday

A Beautiful Mess used to do this type of post every Friday. It was where they shared snaps from their office, behind the scenes, and any other fun photos from their week. It was one of my favorite posts to read. There's something about getting that little extra peek into someones life without it being too personal. 

Today I'd thought I would do something a little similar. My snaps aren't as candid, and these are from the whole of month of May, but I still wanted to document these little moments. Nothing fancy. No plan or point for this post. Just sharing little moments of joy. :)

My cozy little nook. I finished this book a couple weeks ago. Although I did enjoy it, it was not my favorite. I'll include it in my next round of book reviews. 

A finished penpal letter/flipbook for a dear friend of mine. I feel I'm always so behind with my penpal letters. I'm grateful that they are all as equally patient and understanding. I will catch up one day! (and fall behind again, and again).

I am currently obsessed with these body splashes/room sprays! I now have 4 of them and I cannot get enough. My room constantly smells a spa. Definitely been helping to keep me feeling clean, relaxed, and productive!

Workspace doodles. When I have a huge backload of orders to print and cut I doodle to pass the time. It makes work much more relaxing and distracts me from the obnoxious sound my silhouette makes ;). 

Packing orders. I recently switched to kraft paper bags for my packaging. I love the home made feel of these. 

New little freebies to go in every order! I'm actually having a sale this weekend in honor of a mini rebrand/new logo. You can receive 30% of $10 or more with the code "OHSOFAWNREBRAND". Shop here.

Hope you all are doing well and have a wonderful weekend! Many blessings!

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E r i n G r a c e said...

Lovely photos, your doodles are amazing! I will have to check out those room sprays because they look amazing!x

Erin // Everything Erin

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