18 February 2016

My Blogging Mistakes

I did a post like this a while ago and it got pretty good feedback so I thought I would re-visit the topic today.

Although blogging is such a personal thing, and there is no right or wrong way to do it (in my eyes anyway) I've been thinking about the parts of my blog that don't hit the mark.

We can be our own worst critic, especially in the blogging world where it is so easy to compare our blogs to everybody else's. I try hard to stay true to my own voice and ways, but I know there is still so much to learn. I try not to read  every "blogging tips" post there is but I love to learn so if there is anything I can take away that betters me and blog than I will continue to read them.  I take everything with a pinch of salt. With that being said I know I myself continue to make "mistakes" within the blogging world all the time. Whenever I finally fix one mistake I find that there is another one to fix. It is a constant pattern of fixing and messing up. And I'm OK with it. I know I'm not the best (nor the worst) at blogging and that only inspires me to grow and learn even more!

So without further ado here are some of my worst blogging "mistakes". They're all personal to me and my blog at this state and time (I've been blogging for about 2 and a half years now) so if you find you're making these same mistakes it's OK. We all have our perspectives and opinions on what's right and wrong, and I don't want this post to make you feel like you're doing everything wrong. We all start somewhere, as long as we don't stop we will all succeed!

1. Not commenting on other people's blogs.
I am at such fault with this one. I read soo many blogs that I love and adore. Many of which I've been reading for years! I can never seem to find the time or remember to comment on how much I adore their blog, or how much it has helped and inspired me. I know I love getting comments on my blog whether a short little compliment, or more of a conversation on the topics of my posts, I absolutely love it! Maybe it's because I'm such an introvert, or I think they wouldn't care about my opinion of them. Either way it's something I need to fix asap if I want to build relationships within the blogging community. I'm going to set myself a goal of commenting on 5 posts a day to see if that helps me get into the routine of doing it more often! 

2. iPhone Photos.
This may or may not be a mistake to some people. For the past year all of the photos on my blog have been taken with my iphone 6. I switched because the camera I was using (Nikon J2) was making all my photos look really dull. It didn't matter whether I shot in raw or not I could never get the look I wanted for my photos. I'm totally fine with the way my photos look right now, but I would love an upgrade in quality. I have a big list of things I'm saving for right now though so I think it will be a while :/.

3. Not scheduling anything.
Be that blogposts, tweets, videos, etc. I never schedule anything! I write out my posts, read them through about 3 times and then hit publish. It's as easy as that. Although it works fine for me right now, I know my content would come across a lot better if I let it sit for a few days and then fix any mistakes I come across (cough grammar cough). And although I just recently created a twitter account I know it would be so much easier if I had my tweets scheduled to go up when a post goes live. I currently have bloglovin linked to my twitter but I feel it's way more personal and authentic to schedule your own tweets. 

4. Not taking part in blogger chats.
Similar to scheduling my tweets in a way. I can never remember to take part in blogger chats on twitter. I did one a couple weeks ago and I really enjoyed it! I met some lovely bloggers and I felt really welcomed into the community. I think it's an introvert thing again as I feel like I'm just butting my way into a conversation, even though that's what everyone is doing. I guess I'm just too self conscious. I really need to write down all the times for the blogger chats I want to take part in and just push myself to join! I'm sure it's not as scary as I'm making it out to be!

5. My writing.
I know, I know. It's terrible. Props to you if you made it this far! Unfortunately my writing carries on from the way I speak. I talk really fast and don't enunciate enough so when I'm writing I really get ahead of myself which usually makes for really mumbled and hectic writing. It's something I'm working on, and will probably be working on for the rest of my life! I'm trying to be patient with myself, but my problem is I just get too excited! Too excited to share, create, use my voice, etc. Because I'm so shy I really love to use this space to share everything that's on my mind! I just need to remember I don't need to share it all at once :).

And that's a wrap. Those are all of my personal blogging mistakes. I guess what I want you all to take from this post is it's totally OK to make mistakes, like all the time. Because you will, we all will. There's no hurry to be the best at everything all at once! It's a process more rewarding than I can explain! So just stay in your own lane and keep moving forward!

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