19 October 2015

Post Weekend | R&R

Back today with a quick post. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

On Saturday I attended my first CrossFit competition! I was really nervous and had no idea as to how I would do, but I ended up tying for 3rd place in my division! It was so much fun and such a great learning experience. I found out that my competitive drive never went away, and I am capable of much more than I think! I can't wait to attend more competitions in the future! I've definitely found a new addiction ;).   

Today is for both catching up and slowing down. I'm taking it easy today, but will still attend CrossFit later. If I take too many days off this soreness is just going to get worse. Today is also the last day that I'm alone as my parents come back tomorrow. I guess I should get the house back together (aka throw away all the water bottles, put away my dog's toys, and wash all the towels and blankets.). It's been really nice on my own though, I've learned to really be content with just myself this year and it's really helped with my anxiety. I know I can live on my own now so who knows maybe I'll move out sooner rather than later! ;)

 {The notebook of all my feelings. Safe to say I'm not showing this to anyone anytime soon ;) }
 {On the grind all the time!}
{I always find myself reading Agatha Christie books in the autumn/winter. Perfect books for cuddling all weekend!}

  • Start Christmas shopping (I know it's early but I have a big family so...)
  • Recover from competition.
  • Do some silk work at dance (the best stretch ever!).
  • Work on designs.
  • Enjoy the weather (it's actually pleasant in Florida right now!).

  • Tennis (the band/artist).
  • Taking my dog for walks.
  • Netflix marathons.
  • Arctic Zero (dairy free ice cream).
  • Preparing for the holiday season.
  • Making new friends. 
Hope you are all doing well and have a lovely week! 

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