07 August 2015

This Weeks Planner Pages | Week 32

I want to keep up with posting all my weekly planner pages. I find these posts really inspiring and I know not very many people do them. If you didn't know I have a YouTube channel  where I share all my planner decorating, snail mail processes, and other diy related things. It's been such a fun outlet and escape for me and has brought my love for making videos back!

Anyway enough shameless plugs. This week I used my own inserts from my etsy printable's shop "PrintWithOhSoFawn" (another cheeky plug, heh). These inserts are vertical and fit into any personal size planner (but are easily resizable). I didn't really have a theme, I just pulled out all the things I love. Florals, pastels, washi, etc. It turned out looking quite tea party-esqe. I really like this spread!

If you haven't jumped and the planner wagon yet then I encourage to do so! It's so much fun and doesn't take too much time like other creative outlets do! If you have any questions about anything please do not hesitate to ask! :)

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