03 August 2015

Post Weekend Routine | How I Get Through Monday

I love a good productive weekend. Nothing beats getting ahead of schedule so when Monday comes around you're not drowning in work. I think I have mastered the art of embracing Monday's and not getting overwhelmed with the stress that comes with a new week. Here are just a few tips I have to get through the Monday blues.

  •  Planning Ahead. I love planning my week in advance so I know exactly when everything is. To make my planning more fun and enjoyable (as well as more motivating to get all the tasks done) I decorate my planner. I think it's a great way to make planning a boring schedule more fun, as well as creating a way to document everything. It's a planner/scrapbook/memory keeper. The possibilities are endless when it comes to planning so let your imagination run wild!

{Snuggles with your pets are always helpful too! ;) }
  • Waking Up With Gratitude. I know monday's are the worst when it comes to getting out of bed but try to be more positive. You have a whole brand new week to live! Try to make it better than the last. Be a little kinder, work a little harder, and stay hungry for improvement of your overall self/well being. 
  • Start With Your Health. I know it's easy to let go on the weekend and indulge in unhealthy habits but don't dwell on your mistakes. Start Monday fresh with a healthy mindset. Make a green smoothie, take a trip to the grocery store and stock up on fruits and veggies. The more healthy food you have on hand the more likely you'll eat it (no one wants to waste food), so go ham on all the healthy foods and make a challenge to eat it all through out the week. Then when the weekend comes you'll be too full on healthy food to even be tempted to indulge in something bad. 
  • Clean Everything. Your workspace, your kitchen, your sheets, your bedroom, even your electronics and beauty supplies. Start out with everything fresh and clean. Clean environment=clean mind=better work flow. 
  • Sweat It Out. Seriously. Go for a run, walk your dog, dance in your room. Whatever it is that will make you sweat. It releases toxins, stress, and boosts energy. More energy=more creativity, less stress, and a clearer mindset. 
  • Have Patience. With yourself, your co workers, your family, etc. Everyone is in the same boat. Not everyone has it together all the time so there's no point in comparing ourselves to anyone. Not everyday is good, but there is something good in everyday. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. There's always a fresh start the next day!
I hope this may help some of you with the Monday blues. I have grown to love Monday's. I like getting back to work and starting a whole new week of goals, memories, and ways to improve in anyway I can! 

What are your tips for starting a new week? 

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