16 April 2015

Summer Bucket List

(I took this photo on Cape Cod last summer. This was a wonderful day and I hope to go back this year! )

I'll be honest. I hate summer, I really do! I was not created for the heat. In the past I have pretty much hibernated the whole summer filling my schedule with dance classes, competitions, and conventions to distract myself from the awful, depressing season that is summer. I know most of you are probably shaking your head at me saying I have it backwards. I don't know, that's just how it is. Despite not loving summer I always try and make the best of each season, thriving on the simple pleasures like being able to wear dresses all day long, the refreshing tropical fruit in season, and AC (lol). I am making a goal for myself to actually do stuff this summer! I thought I would start gathering ideas and share them with you all along the way.

•penny board more
•rock my jelly shoes
•wear more sunscreen (always)
•practice minimalism
•get out in the woods more
•wake up earlier
•bike ride
•photo shoot
•save money
•read more (can't ever read too much!)
•work on my Etsy shop/come out with new products
•eat as much pineapple as possible
•continue CrossFit
•dead lift 170lbs (recently dead lifted 185lbs for 2 reps!!!)
•find new music to listen to
•draw more 
•show my love to others
•get back to learning French
•take up an instrument (potentially)
•prepare myself for school (hopefully in the fall. I just need to commit already)

I will probably keep adding to the list and continue to share it with you all :).
Please let me know what your plans for the summer are as well as 3 things on your bucket list!


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