06 April 2015

March Favorites

*this post isn't actually late. I wrote it on the 31st of March but just now have got around to publishing it.

Wow March went by quick! It was a very busy month for me but I enjoyed it thoroughly! I didn't wear much makeup as I was feeling very fuss free the whole month so this favorites is a little more minimalist;). 

Eyes// No. 7 cream eyeshadow in "Bronze". I got this on clearance for about $1.50! It reminded me of the ever so popular By Terry Ombré Black Star eyeshadow stick things (that I can't afford). It's a beautiful bronze/taupe color that works well for everyday use. It's so easy to blend and lasts all day without creasing! It's been the only eyeshadow I've worn this month! 

Lips// The Body Shop Honey Lip Butter. Step aside EOS I've got a new lip balm go-to. These are so amazing like why did it take me so long to try them out?! Lip "butter" is a perfect way to describe them. The formula is so smooth and creamy! I slab it all over lips before bed and wake up with new, smooth, and soft lips! I've been using the flavor "honey" but I do have a few more to try out! ;)

Eat Pretty// I treated myself to this book in March. I've wanted it for a while and finally bit the bullet. It was such a delight to read, even though it didn't teach me anything new it is still full of amazing recipes, beautiful illustrations, and lots of healthy eating inspiration!

Washi Tape// I might have gotten a little more than necessary, hehe. How could I not pass these up?! Bunnies, pastels, the works! I've been enjoying using these in my planners, snail mail, wall art, etc. they're all either from Target or the Dollar Store!

The Last Man On Earth//O my gosh! This show is so good! It's about well, the last man on earth (supposedly). It takes place in 2020 after a disease kills everyone on earth except one man. He then travels around the country looking for other survivors. In the mean time he also visits all the museums and steals all the famous art work where he then puts into his new mansion that he makes his new home(with his "toilet pool"). I don't want to spoil anything but the show is soo hilarious! The writing is just fantastic and the actors are all so talented and perfect for their characters! I can't wait to see where this show goes!

Hippo Campus//another new find! I heard of them through Conan as they performed on his show. I instantly loved their sound. They all actually play their instruments (sometimes hard to find) and all of them have nice voices as well! They only have one album out but I am in love with it and have been playing it on repeat! They're definitely worth a listen!

And those are all my March favorites! A few real gems ;). What were some of your favorites of the month? Anything new I should try out (especially music;))?

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