05 March 2015

My Opinion On | Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

 I have a bad history with chapped lips, but to be honest it's mostly my fault. I used to hate the feeling of having any products on my lips! Needless to say my lips were pretty gross. They looked like the cracked nail polish look (throwback...and also cringe) but on my lips! Fast forward about 4 years and I cannot go a day without some sort of chaptstick/balm/treatment! I am the queen of having way too many chapsticks on hand! But I am also the queen of actually finishing them all as well! I'd say I'm pretty experienced with lots of different lip balms, and today I want to share my opinion on a real gem. The highly raved Fresh Sugar Lip treatments.  

First of all the packaging is gorgeous and also very convenient. The lid actually screws on so there is no worry to just throw it in your bag. They also come in a beautiful range of shades. I have mine in "Berry" and I absolutely adore the color! They smell divine, and give that perfect natural tint/color to your lips without any fuss of using a mirror to apply. They give a very good amount of moisture to the lips! The texture isn't too balmy for day time though so you don't have to worry about it feeling too slippy. As much as I love this product I still think it is very over priced! I have the Baby Lips in "Berry Soft" and it is very similar in many ways at a fraction of the cost!

Excuse my bare face, but this is what the color looks like on. It's very natural but still noticeable. Kinda reminds me of that whole Kylie Jenner (is that her name? lol) lip color.

Overall Pros/Cons:

Pros//Beautiful packaging, smells nice, gives the perfect amount of color and moisture for day time use.

Cons//Very over priced, hard to get a hold of. 

Have you tried this product before? What are your thoughts on it? Do you know of any other good dupes for it?! Leave your answers in the comments below!

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