27 February 2015

Creative Process | Behind The Scenes Of My Blog

I have been blogging for a about a year and a half now. I am not particularly good at this, but I have come a long way and I'm really happy with the way my blog is going now. I thought I would share a little behind the scenes on how I run this space!

The ideas// They come to me at weird times. In the shower, 4:00 in the morning, in the middle of a crossfit workout, etc. I don't really go "looking" for inspiration I just let come naturally. If I don't have any ideas I don't post. I think I have only missed 1 day of blogging for 2015 so far but I actually don't even aim to post everyday. It just happens.

Photography// I know I'm crap at it, but it still has come a long way! I used to take all my pics with my iPhone. I prefer to take my photos in bulk but it doesn't always happen. My camera is the Nikon J2 in pink. It's a great camera, too bad I'm crap at using it! I use Lightroom to edit my photos. It's quite simple really, I have created my own filter where I adjusted the brightness, temperature, contrast, curves, and noise. I have it applied to all my photos when I import them. If a photo doesn't look great I just adjust it manually. I use PicMonkey for any text/image overlays.

Writing// Again I know I'm not great at it but I still find it enjoyable. I have recently been trying to write my posts in advance and to do this I use the blogger app on my phone as I can't stand sitting at my laptop for too long. 

Posting// I am probably the only blogger that doesn't schedule her posts! I post at different times everyday but it usually falls around early to mid afternoon. I don't know why but I prefer it this way.  

YouTube and social media// I am going to do a separate post on these two. Too much to say and I want them to be separate so the post isn't too long. 

If you have a blog do you have a creative process you stick to? Is it similar too mine? Do you have any further tips or advice? Leave them in the comments below! I want to chat with you girls! ;)

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