17 January 2015

Weekend Routine | Dream Work Space

This weekend has turned out to be a fun one! Today my dad is building me my new desk! If you saw my Work Space Inspiration then you would have an idea of which route I want to go.  I'm so excited!
 This is my current work space. It's super cramped and impossible to keep tidy. Definitely not fun to work in.
 This is my dressing table. It is the exact size I want my new desk. Also I'm moving my desk under my window and my dressing table where my desk is right now. I will show pics soon.
 On Friday I finally saw The Imitation Game with my parents and one of my brothers. I wanted to see this as soon as it came out! I cannot say enough good things about this movie! It passed all my expectations and more! I highly recommend everyone to see it! I think it should be required!

I recently put this adorable picture of my Grandparents in this cute frame from ikea. It makes me so happy!<3

What are your weekend plans?!

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