13 December 2014

Last Minute | Outfit

Do you ever just wait till the last minute to figure out what you're going to wear and somehow in those .05 seconds it actually turns out pretty good?! Last night I went to a local Nativity show with my family (I actually grew up being in it.) It's been a tradition ever since before I was born. Anyway back to the outfit. It was a whole 48 degrees last night here in Florida and the show is outside so obviously all us floridians had to bundle up like it was antarctica ;). I personally love the cold so I was taking it all in and enjoying every last second of it! I threw together this outfit really fast and I have to say, I really like it! I will definitely be wearing it again!

This outfit was super cosy! and although it did keep me warm, I was still able to enjoy the cold weather! I also threw on a long (down to my knees) black knit cardigan but I forgot to take a picture with it. 

-Top//J. Crew
-Scarf//Forever 21
-Cardigan (not shown)//Target

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