28 December 2014

Christmas Day Recap :)

Christmas Day usually always starts they same way every year. We wake up, have breakfast, and then open presents. This year was a little different as we had to pick one of my brothers up from the airport. I woke up around 9:00, went to eat breakfast with my parents (which was the best bacon ever btw.) I then was told by my mom to open my presents right then (I was going to wait till late at night since we had to go to the airport so early.) So until we had to leave my parents and I exchanged gifts from each other since we wouldn't have any other time to do it.

My Sweet puppy! She melts my heart! (she just had her 17th birthday on the 22nd!)

My mom is so good at decorating!
I'm really not one to take seflies (or "ussies"?) but Christmas day is an exception. ;)
This is one of my brothers (Jon), me, and my Dad waiting for my brother Stephen to get off the plane!
Once we got home it was time for them to open all their presents, and our family gifts (board games, books, movies, etc.)
Then my brother Joe, his girlfriend, and their son came over! He had to go to work at 4:00 though :(. I love my brother Joe!<3
This is me and my adorable niece Nadia! I love her so much! She never fails to make me happy!<3

This is a very small percentage of my family. (everyone else was outside playing with my brother Matt's german shepherds and my brother Daniel's black lab! )
From left to right-My brother Jon, my mom, my sister in law Heidi, my dad, my sister Amanda (no we are not twins.), my nice Nadia, and me.

I don't even have pictures of most of my family but we had a wonderful day! We had lots of good food! We ended the night with playing "Cards Against Humanity" (which we got for Christmas!)
I can't explain the joy I get when I have a whole day spent with all my family! They are so special to me and I cannot thank God enough for blessing me with this wonderful group of people!<3

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! and if you don't celebrate it then I hope you had a great day!!


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