07 November 2014

Autumn/Winter Wish List :)

It's no secret by now that my favorite time of year is autumn/winter and so with that also comes my favorite season for fashion! Below are some things I've had on my list to finish my A/W wardrobe. 

1. Flannels. lots and lots of flannels. I actually got a really cute one yesterday! I'm sure you will see it in a look book soon! ;)

2. A Pastel Coat. Obviously with living in Florida I don't really need a coat but if I had to get one it definitely be a pastel colored one!

3. T Shirt Dress. Okay these things have been my newest obsession. I got two from Forever 21 recently and now I need more! I just love how effortless they look. They are so easy to style and are a really great layering piece+they're really comfy!

4. Timberlands. So I know these are really expensive but I recently saw a pair at K-Mart (believe it or not) and they were quite nice. at $24.99 I might eventually get them as I have always loved the look of Timberlands! :)

5. The only beauty product on the list, but still I needed to mention it! After seeing so many of my favorite youtubers/bloggers rave about the Hourglass ambient highlighters I just know I would love them! I might put these on my Christmas list! hehe ;).

6. Black Chunky Heeled Chelsea Boots. Probably the thing I want the most! I have almost ordered these online numerous times before but I really want to try them on first but I can't find them in stores :/. Does anyone know of a store that carries these? 

And those are things that I have had my eye on recently. A girl can dream right? ;)


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