05 October 2014

5 things that made me Smile!

Happy Sunday!
This post is coming from my phone which feels really weird as I haven't done this in months!! I just wanted to pop a quick little post of 5 things that made me smile this week. Sometimes it really is the little things for me that make all the difference :)

1. Kisses from my sweet, and adorable little niece! *melts*
2. New piercing! My sister in law and I got matching piercings and I am absolutely in love with how it looks!
3. Halloween mail from my dear friend Alex! 
4. Cooler weather! We've had a bit of a cold front here In Florida and I am milking it like no other! Haha ;)
5. I got my first order off my etsy shop! I was so excited! It really did feel surreal!<3

And those are all the things that made me smile even more! One of my favorite quotes is "Not everyday is good, but there is something good in everyday."

Have a great week!



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