27 September 2014

Recently (update, what I've been up to, inspiration)


Recently I have been lacking a little in the blogging/youtube world but I have a pretty good excuse. I wasn't happy with my content (even though I was spending hours on it). I felt like I fell into this big hole of captivity. All my videos were the same (which isn't really that bad). I just wanted more. More creativity, more effort, more ideas, more individuality. and so I took a short break, I've barely watched any youtube videos (apart from vlogs), and I took some time to figure out "me". I feel as youtubers/vloggers we all love to support each other by either watching each others videos, reading blogposts, following on every social media platform, etc. But after a while I see that we blend in. It's hard I know to come up with completely different ideas everyday and I'm not saying that any of us can't be similar, but I just get so depressed when everyone is putting out the same content week after week. How many "try on hauls" or "monthly favorites" am I going to watch with the same exact editing of overlaying the product with bokeh effect? And I'm one to talk. I do the same exact thing despite my feelings towards it. I feel that I need to cut back on watching other youtubers to find what works for me. I'm not saying I'm not gonna watch anyone just a few of my select favorites that inspire me on a daily basis (Clothesencounters, Zoella, Breelovesbeauty, Aspyn Ovard.)  I really feel that YouTube has almost become a game. And I do not want to be part of that game. I want to create, inspire, make friendships, and love what I do. That's all. nothing more. I don't care about success or money. I don't care about numbers, subscribers, views. I don't even care how much I upload anymore. I'm only going to do this to make me happy (hopefully in turn make other people happy!). I hope you all understand my point of view. I'm even surprised if you've made this far, but if you have thank you so much! I will continue to blog and make videos. I love this space of mine. I love all of you! thank for reading. It blows me away that over 100 people read this little blog! Also I'm coming up to one year of blogging!! eek! I don't know what to do to celebrate! Let me know if any of you have some ideas! ;)

(some recent things I've been up to)
1. Target dollar sections...gets me every time.
2/3. Making stickers for my etsy shop! :)
4. Smoothie bowls make everything better!
5. Current quote I'm living by<3



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