12 May 2014

Beauty Travel Essentials

Hello everyone!

I know it's been a minute since I've posted :/ I was out of town again this past weekend to the South East Crossfit Games with my parents! It was soo much fun! but there really is no place like home and Im super happy to get into my routine again. :)

Since I've been traveling the past two weekends I thought I would show you my travel beauty essentials:)

Benefit minis are soo helpful! Some of the best products in such small, compact, but still very pretty packaging! I can't go a day without wearing high beam ;)
I suggest a BB cream for traveling! It's a nice light weight but still enough coverage (for me atleast) and it moisturizes too! For my hands I love the EOS hand cream!
Victoria Secret has the best scents so I always bring a couple of their minis with me when traveling. I also brought my Capri Clear moisturizing spray and a mini bottle of my Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum :)
I like to keep it simple with eyeshadow by either bringing my Nude Tude or Naked 3 palette. 
I also bring a small eyeshadow duo for those days I slept in and need to do my make up fast! This one is in Kitten by Stila. And last but not least my Vaseline lip therapy in rosy lips! I've talked about this enough!! I love it so much :)

And that's all for my Beauty Travel Essentials! Hope this was a little helpful for all your upcoming summer trips/ vacations :)




Belen C. said...

If you lived close to me, I'd go to your house and steal everything while you sleep ;) Just kidding. But everything is perfect and I want it! Nice post!

xx, Be || lovefrombe

Abby Joy said...

haha awe thank you! You are always so kind<3


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