24 October 2015

Weekend Routine | Planning & Yearning

Another beautiful weekend is here and I plan to take full advantage of it! Que spotify, cozy clothes, and an endless supply of coffee (with almond milk and extra coconut sugar!). I can't believe October is almost over! It's both exciting and sad how time moves so quickly. I'm trying to stay as grounded as I can and take full advantage of every little moment. 

I've been making a point to disconnect and recharge lately and it's been doing me a whole lot of good! I wake up with more ideas and creativity. It's nice to be stuck in my own mind sometimes. I challenge you to skip a night of netflix, turn on some music, and just be with yourself. It's probably the best thing you'll do for yourself all week! 

 {I need more book recommendations!}
 {The best nap companion!}
{My planner this week!}

  • Christmas shopping lists.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • Black Friday sale for my shop (only a month away!).
  • Whole30 meals (started 4 days ago. Loving it so far!).
  • Another CrossFit competition in December.
  • To not take one moment for granted this Holiday season.
  • For cooler weather.
  • More time to create.
  • Peace and quiet.
  • A fresh hair cut.
  • To travel.
  • To finally say how I feel.

How are you all doing? Please let me know how the Autumn is treating you so far! How is the weather where you live? Cold, rainy, snowy, dry, warm? It's a little warm in Florida right now but I have hopes it will cool down soon! ;)

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