11 April 2015

Weekend Routine | Long To-Do List

It sure does feel good to be blogging today! Especially my Weekend Routine as I missed last weeks due it being a busy Easter weekend with my family. This week has been quite good! I hit 3 new PR's at CrossFit (including dead lifting 185lbs for 2 reps!), been busy working in my etsy shop, creating and coming up with new healthy recipes, and ending the nights watching How It's Made with my mom (we're obsessed)! The weekend is here and I am quite excited because well GAME OF THRONES COMES BACK ON SUNDAY!! I will being watching it with siblings. We always get wayyyy into the opening intro, it's kind of embarrassing. I could talk all day about GofT but that would probably bore you so let's get onto the rest of the post.

 {Been enjoying some healthy treats over on http://tutusandpineapple.blogspot.com/ }
 {Everything tastes better out of a heart shaped bowl<3 }
 {Pretty cool to be decorating my planner with my own products! :D }
{This was an etsy order I got this week. It was too pretty/cute not to photograph! }

My Weekend To-Do List:
-Work on orders
-Take blog photos
-Clean desk
-Throw out unwanted/out-dated products
-Clean my carpet
-Make some healthy no bake recipe
-Catch up on reading blogposts
-Watch Game of Thrones!!!

My Weekend Reading List:

What are you up to this weekend?!

(Also do you like the new format of this Weekend Routine? Yay or nay? ;))

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