02 March 2015

Weekend Routine | Recovering

Another Weekend Routine on a Monday, sorry.  I almost didn't do a weekend routine post this week as I did absolutely nothing this weekend, but I have a few things I want to update you all on so I thought I'd quickly wrap them up in one post.

 (This picture is obviously from Monday. I love this quote/moment from Downton Abbey!)

1. I changed my blog banner...again. I think it will stay this way for a while. I can never make my mind up. But I really do like this one!

2. I have 3 videos pre filmed. I can't tell you when I will upload them though as I have a busy week ahead of me.

3. This week was quite hard/tough for me so if that showed through in my posts then I am sorry.

4. My brother is coming back home today! He will be home for 3 weeks :).

5. I am doing the CrossFit Open this year!! The first workout went pretty well for me and I am so excited for the next 4! (if you don't care about this I totally understand ;).

This weekend was all about recovery for me. I really needed some time for myself. Friday I went to CrossFit, I spent Saturday home alone and then went to my brothers house to hang out with my siblings, and then Sunday I also spent at home catching up on YouTube videos (CrossFit ones of course.) I also had a really active rest day. I completed an embarrassing amount of hula hooping. Anyway that is enough rambling for now! Happy March everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful month!

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