19 January 2015

My Opinion On | Benefit Balms

If there is one makeup brand that I am sure to fall for every time it's Benefit. They're such an amazing company, and they really pay attention to details. I always love their packaging, marketing, ideas, etc. Every release is always so hyped up in the blogging community and I totally understand why, their products are amazing! When they released their new Balms it was love at first sight for me! A luxurious lip balm with a bit of color?! Sign me up! Now I know these have gotten a lot of mixed reviews but honestly I can't see a single thing that is wrong with this product! They marketed them as "Balms" not "highly pigmented lipstick" so I don't see what the fuss is. Comparing them to Baby Lips they blow them out of the water (I mean they should since they're way more expensive!)! The little bit of color they add is just a nice little bonus if you ask me!

 Top to bottom//Posie Balm-Bene Balm-Lolli Balm.

Pros//Super moisturizing, beautiful packaging, smells divine, lovely wash of color, build-able formula, easy to work with, very luxurious!

Cons//Hefty price tag, not very pigmented (it's a lip balm after all).

Overall//If you are looking to Treat Yo Self to an amazingly beautiful lip balm go for it! If you are expecting to get an amazing quality, life changing product skip it!

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